Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I choose Byford Storage Units for storage of my goods?

A. Clean, well maintained facility; orientation to customer service; Competitive rates; 24/7 access

Q. Are Discounts Available?

A. Yes – Subject to advance arrangement and payment:-
12 month storage – Pay only for 10 months
6 months storage – Pay only for 5 months

Q. Do I have to nominate a storage period?

A. No – all storage is on a monthly basis. On signing up you can nominate any period of no less than 1 month. At the end of that period, if you continue to occupy the space and in the absence of any advice from you, your storage continues on a month to month basis and you will be required to give us 14 days notice of any decision to vacate the space.

Q. Do I have to provide a Padlock?

A. Yes – get a good one (or two – our roller doors will take two padlocks). We keep our managing agents stocked with quality, new padlocks; they are available for purchase at competitive prices.

Q. What are the business hours?

A. The Facility: Once you have signed up and been given a swipe card you will have 24/7 access to your stored goods.
Managing Agents: They are open 9.00 am to 5.00pm (Monday to Friday) and 9.00 am to 12.00 noon (Saturday morning).

Q. Can I insure my stored goods?

A. Yes – and we recommend that you do so by taking advantage of the insurance option we are able to make available through Aon Risk Services Australia Limited.
O’Neil Real Estate will be happy to provide further information in relation to insurance of stored goods.

Q. Are my stored goods secure?

A. The facility is surrounded by a 3 metre high perimeter fence topped with 3 strands of barbed wire. Access is available only to the holders of coded swipe cards and a key to your storage space. Unannounced day and night security patrols are carried out.

Q. What happens if I lose my Swipe Card?

A. You should immediately report the loss to the Managing Agents. They will issue you with a new Swipe Card………there is a charge! Within 24 hours the lost card will be de-activated and thereafter will be of no use to anyone.

Q. Is access to the facility very difficult?

A. No. There are 2 x 3 metre driveways. The northernmost driveway is immediately adjacent to the entry sliding gate and it facilitates easy access to the majority of the storage spaces for the largest of vehicles.

Based on actual experience, the southernmost driveway can be accessed by medium sized trucks or a dual axle trailer towed by a large SUV.

Q. Is there anything I cannot store?

A. It is the storer’s responsibility to exercise common sense in deciding what to store and how to store it.

Without, in any way, limiting the storer’s responsibility we expect that you will not store stolen, flammable, explosive, environmentally harmful or perishable goods. We also expect that stored goods will be placed in the allocated space in a safe and stable manner.

If we have reason to believe that goods stored in your space may be dangerous or insecurely packed we will contact you and request that you (in company with out representative) open up the space and deal with any matter requiring attention. In the event that we are unable to contact you or if we consider the matter urgent – we will force entry into the space with a police officer in attendance (if one is available).

Q. What are my payment obligations?

A. The first month’s payment (or a longer term discounted payment) is payable on the day you first sign up. At that time you will also be expected to pay the managing agent’s charges.

Subsequent storage charges are payable monthly – in advance. For example, if the contract commenced on the 15th of January – Your first month’s payment would cover you to the 15th of February, on which date the next month’s storage charge would be due and payable.

No Reminder Notices are sent out. Therefore, you should make yourself familiar with the dates on which payments fall due.
Penalty Charges apply for late payments. These are specified in the Storage Agreement.

Payments should be made to our managing agents – O’Neil Real Estate. They offer a range of payment options to help you avoid late payment; we recommend that you discuss these options with them.

Q. What is in the Storage Contract?

A. We use the Self Storage Association’s form of Standard Contract. A copy of the 3 page contract is available for your inspection – on this website.


We are located at:

4 Dougall Street Byford WA

We are easily accessed from Perth via the Kwinana Freeway or if you are in the Southern Suburbs via the South West Hwy or Tonkin Hwy


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